Waiting for Rain
Photos: Macy Chadwick
  Waiting for Rain, 2024

In the news, icebergs are melting, global temperatures are rising, storms are getting more intense. For me, living on a rural property in Northern California, climate change has become more vivid: the landscape around me is parched for 6 months a year and the threat of wildfires looms closer. I purchase air purifiers and use an app to track the source of smoke plumes on the horizon. Every fall I eagerly await the first rain like a gift, and greet it with a sigh of relief. In my artist book, Waiting for Rain, I bear witness to climate change in all its devastating beauty.

Codex binding, presented in a cloth-covered box.

Letterpress printed from linoleum and polymer plates. Papers include Toyo Gampi, glassine, Kozo, Korean Hanji, Sekishu, Cave walnut, and UV Ultra.

Printed at In Cahoots Press and during a residency at Mullowney Printing Company.

17 x 10 inches, closed. 17 x 20 inches, open.

Limited edition of 10.
$2250 each
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