Photos: Sarah Bryant
  Trace, 2015

Trace records a daily walk on a path through the sage in the wide open spaces of Taos, New Mexico. On this virtually untouched land, the artist studied the patterns and repeated shapes in the changing topography of cracked dirt, enormous ant hills, rings of grasses where cows once grazed, gnarled sticks, bright green grasses and a variety of different sage. The resulting folded book can be read page by page, or expanded to reveal a landscape of shapes and colors with a row of distant mountains.

Written and designed by Macy Chadwick, Trace was printed on the letterpress from linoleum blocks and polymer plates on Mulberry paper. Additional imagery of clouds was screenprinted on the verso.

This book is one of a set of books created as a collaboration by the members of the collective, Shift-lab: Katie Baldwin, Denise Bookwalter, Sarah Bryant, Macy Chadwick and Tricia Treacy. In this set, each artist explores a particular landscape with an eye toward the "traces" of human activity and the effect upon the land. The books are sold only as a set of 5 books and a map presented in a paper enclosure.

6 x 8 inches, closed.
Limited edition of 30.
$480 each.

To order, please contact the artist.