Photo: Sibila Savage

Pathways, 2010


Within translucent pages, cut paper shapes create a neurological geography of veins and synapses as the text speaks of emotional pathways. Turning the pages echoes the experience of focusing a microscope layer by layer on a complex slide. On closer examination, once-familiar patterns of thought devolve into a dense, uncertain territory- an intimate relationship in flux.

Pathways is a limited edition artist’s book written and created by Macy Chadwick in 2010. Imagery is laser printed on translucent Kimodesk pages. Inside the layered pages, the text is letterpress printed from handset type on digitally-cut UV Ultra paper and hand coloring is added with pochoir. The codex structure is bound with machine stitching and is enclosed in an exquisite custom box with a glass lid and base.

Box 9 x 10.75 x .75 inches, page spread 8.5 x 20 inches.
Limited edition of 50.
$875 each.