Photos: Macy Chadwick
  Meanwhile, 2017

With quotes from A Thousand and One Nights, Meanwhile celebrates the importance of stories over time and across cultures. A series of organic imagery flows from page to page, overlapping and echoing the quality of A Thousand and One Nights as one story leads to another and another. The quoted text is set in shaped text blocks and clusters of letters, like flocks of birds floating amidst the shapes. A few larger lines of text per page guide the viewer through the book, describing Sheherazade's experience of telling stories and, as a result, saving herself from execution by the King.

Printed on the letterpress with linoleum and polymer plates on Rives Heavyweight paper.

Accordion binding with hard covers, presented in a half-clamshell box.

10 x 10 inches, closed. 10 x 156 inches, fully extended.

Limited edition of 40.
$975 each.

To order, please contact the artist.