Photos: Paola Hurtado
  Input/Output, 2016

As artists, we gather information, text and ideas as fuel for making art. How does creative input transform into artistic output? Input/Output describes this creative process through the metaphor of breathing. With each inhalation (input) of information, the artist takes one more step towards exhalation (artistic output.) Based on Keith Smith's "border book," binding, the pages of this small book open and expand to create a complete image: the resulting piece of art.

Written and designed by Macy Chadwick. Letterpress printed with Gotham typeface on Cougar Opaque paper using linoleum blocks and polymer plates. Created as part of the Small Plates program at the San Francisco Center for the Book, under the guidance of Chad Johnson.

4 x 4 inches, closed.
12 x 16 inches, open.

Limited edition of 100, of which 20 deluxe copies are presented in a cloth-covered slipcase.
$256 each.

To order, please contact the artist.