Photos by the artist
  One Hour Book Collaborations, 2002-present

These improvisational book objects are part of an on-going collaboration between artists Macy Chadwick and Lisa Hasegawa. Inspired by their friend Virginia Batson’s one-hour book score, the artists set aside one hour each week to create these spontaneous books. Using the materials at hand, each artist begins a book which is then exchanged every fifteen minutes. During each exchange, the artists add and respond to the otherís work. The books are traded back and forth until the hour is complete.

These books represent a collaborative visual dialogue, a free association of materials and ideas. The entire collection currently consists of 75 books and is still growing. (Lisa and Macy have since moved to different cities and are continuing this collaboration through the mail.)

Currently one of the books, Charting, is for sale in an edition.